Monday, July 26, 2010

I basically suck at blogging...

It's true. I have very good intentions of keeping up and then I get distracted.

For those of you who don't know, Allen and I are expecting our first baby in November!!! We are so super excited! I got pretty sick for a couple of months, but that is settling down and I'm starting to enjoy being pregnant! I still have some sickness, but that's more related to my gall bladder problems that I've had for years. I haven't really had any nesting instincts kick in yet, but I'm sure they will! I'm going to continue going to school this fall, and hope to just incorporate our new baby girl into our lives and make it work! I only have 4 semesters left and I know I'd just rationalize postponing going back if I took a semester or year off. Luckily my program is really close-knit and is more like a family than a school program so they're aware of the situation and are willing to work with me. I'm due 3 weeks before the end of the semester so that's going to be interesting, for sure!

Other than baby news, our lives are pretty much the same. Allen got a full time position at Best Buy, which has been a huge blessing for our family! I was too sick to even function, much less hold down a job, for a long time, so the fact that Heavenly Father has blessed us with that extra income has been amazing! The timing was perfect too! I cancelled our insurance just a couple of weeks before I found out I was pregnant. This was no bueno! My awesome sister-in-law suggested we apply for Medicaid to cover my pregnancy and this baby. We barely met the income requirement, and then Al got his new position at Best Buy, which definitely would have put us over the income limit! Allen has been busy working 2 jobs, his full-time gig at Best Buy, and part time at WonderBread. On his days off, which are few, we are lucky enough to spend lots of time together.

July has been a busy month, with the 4th and 24th being holidays. Allen had both holidays off and we enjoyed parades and fireworks. For the 24th, I got to take Allen to his very first rodeo! He took pictures on his phone, so those will have to wait to be posted... I will post them though, I promise!!!! I'll also try to take some baby-bump pictures and post them too! I'm finally out of that stage where I didn't look pregnant, I just looked like I had gained 40 pounds! I'm so happy to be pregnant, and to finally look pregnant! I complained a lot while I was sick, but I really am so excited to be having a baby! I can't imagine how much our lives are about to change, but we are always up for an adventure! Our families have been AWESOME and so so supportive! I have gotten hand-me-down maternity clothes, which have been a life saver!!! (I never would have thought I'd spend $50 on a pair of pants!!! Maternity clothes are freakishly expensive!) We also have some handmade baby quilts in the works from our wonderful families too!

Overall, we are very blessed to be living the lives that we have. We're having new adventures and falling more and more in love with each other all the time!

Pictures to follow... :D


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better! The last couple of months must have gone by soooo slow. lol. Hey could you tell me where you went to apply for Medicaid? Or how to, or anything!! Thanks!! =)

  2. I didn't know your husband works at Wonder Bread. So does my husband! What a small world! You will love having a baby around. They are so precious and make every moment worth it!

  3. HAHA 50 dollars for a pair of pants. Welcome to my life. I'm screwed whenever I get pregnant. I don't think they would make maternity pants long enough for me. Well I'm rooting for you for having the guts to keep going to school after you have your baby. That's awesome.

  4. so, it won't let me comment on the ultra sound post, but I am sosososososo excited and I can't wait for the new baby girl!