Monday, December 27, 2010

Organized start to 2011

Now that I have a baby (and a dang cute one at that!) I'm determined to clean my house and keep it clean and organized. I don't want her to inherit all the bad habits that I did, so she needs to be taught for as long as she can remember how to be organized and clean. Since she's still so little, I kind of feel like I still have time (procrastination is a subject we'll tackle later... Ha ha, ironic, eh?)
So, to help me get started in my quest for organization, I'm taking this challenge from

Czech it out!

(And thanks to Scotti at for turning me onto this!)

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  1. loving this idea! I saw that too and have been checking in to see the changes people are making. I don't always do what they are doing that day, but I am trying to get my stuff together...